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30" Flip Up Grab Bar

30" Flip Up Grab Bar

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Can be installed next to the toilet instead of the rails in order to provide support for getting up and down. Can also be installed in the garage to help with coming up 1- 2 steps.

Why this works

The 30 inch flip up grab bar is a great option for someone who needs extra support during daily tasks such as getting on/off the toilet, getting in/out of the shower, or stepping up/down steps in the garage. This grab bar can be flipped up while not in use which will take up less space in the home. The flip up grab bar creates the functionality of a railing in places where it might be a challenge to actually install a railing. Using a flip up grab bar allows the user to be independent and have privacy with daily tasks which will decrease the need for caregiver assistance.


Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 30in
Material: stainless steel
Six install screws included
Max weight supported: 550lbs

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