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Offset Hinge - 90º Corner Angles

Offset Hinge - 90º Corner Angles

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Replace your hinges with these offset hinges in order to keep your door but add 2" to the usable space through your doorway. This is key for getting a walker or a wheelchair through tight doorway.

Why this works

Using offset hinges is a great solution to expand doorway space by allowing the door to completely clear the opening when swung open. This will allow room for wheelchairs and walkers to fit through a doorway by adding 2 inches of space all while keeping your door. Offset hinges can replace most door hinges and can be used throughout the home such as in bedrooms, bathrooms, or closets. Having offset hinges will allow those with mobility devices to independently navigate the home and access rooms that would otherwise be avoided due to not being able to get through the doorway with a device. AT LEAST three inches of CLEARANCE on the inside of your door between the wall and the edge of the door jam in order for the hinge to work properly.


Corner Shape Options: 90º or 5/8" rounded,
Dimension: 3.5 x 4.25in
Min door thickness: 1.375in
Max door thickness: 1.75in
Material: steel
Screws included

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