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Adjustable Height Threshold Ramps

Adjustable Height Threshold Ramps

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Adjustable height threshold ramps for getting across a threshold that may have a slope as both feet are adjustable. These ramps are designed for use with wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and even canes. They have a strong construction that is durable and easy to setup by screwing the feet in or out to match the height of the threshold. 

Why this works

This threshold ramp can be adjusted to fit door thresholds that are not level or don't hit the exact inch measurement for an aluminum or rubber threshold ramp. Both sides can be adjusted to the perfect height of the threshold. Comes in 3 different height sizes to accommodate from 1.25" rise up to 5.75" rise.

The ramp will provide a sturdy incline that will make it easy to cross over doorways, landings, or curbs.
The threshold ramp can be used throughout the home such as at the entryway, back door, garage door, or even the curb by the mailbox.

Using a threshold ramp in the home is a great solution for safely using a wheelchair, walker, or scooter through a doorway where the threshold is raised above the walking surface.

Threshold ramps are also a great solution for reducing falls in the home and will promote independence with navigating the home independently.


Length: 12in
Width: 32in
Adjustable height: 1-2in
Max weight supported: 800lbs

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