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Wide Mug Easy Sip Cup

Wide Mug Easy Sip Cup

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This mug holds up to 20oz, limiting spills with it's lid and wide base. Its lid features a thumb slider for easy opening and closing. Double-walled, with plastic and foam insulation, it reduces condensation and keeps drinks hot/cold. Includes a slip-resistant pad. and its wide handle makes it easy to hold.

Why we know this works!

We love this mug because it can be used really easily for people with tremors or neuropathy - anyone who might struggle with keeping hold of a cup.

The lid keeps contents from spilling easily. It does have a straw hole if using a straw is important. The wide handle opening makes it easier to grasp in many ways. The wide base makes it harder to tip over and it even comes with a non slip pad for even more protection.

And don't forget that it looks nice and not like a kids cup so any adult would be willing to use it!


Measures 5” tall x 4.5” wide at base and 4” wide at top Top shelf dishwasher safe

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