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Titan Floor to Ceiling Stability Pole

Titan Floor to Ceiling Stability Pole

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Reduce your fall risk with Titan Stability Poles. These floor to ceiling mounted, go-anywhere grab bars, adjust to match most standard ceilings and feature a heavy-duty version with SafetyGrip® as well. SafetyGrip® is a patented interdigitating grip surface you don't find on most grab bars and handles but its helpful to have especially with neuropathy or other sensory issues in the hands.

Maximize safety and mobility within your home by exploring the benefits of floor-to-ceiling poles. Learn how these versatile tools can support aging in place comfortably: Floor to Ceiling Poles: A Comprehensive Guide.

Why we know this works!

Floor-to-ceiling poles are extremely beneficial in promoting safety and independence for individuals during transfers from sit to stand, getting out of bed, toilet, wheelchairs, through doorways and many more.

They provide support and stability, significantly reducing the risk of falls and are really helpful in areas where the hand hold is needed in a space where there isn't a wall for a grab bar.

We also like these poles because of its accessories. There are multiple methods to attach it to the ceiling, even an extender for higher ceilings and a rotating handle that makes it easier to reach from more positions.


Pole Diameter: 1.5 Inches; 1.75" at SafetyGrip grab areas
Height Adjustable: 7.5 to 8.25 feet (up to 123 inches Height Extension Kit: works on 10.25 feet ceilings
Top Plate Circumference: 12 Inches
Base Plate Diameter: 4 Inches
Bar Material: Alloy Steel

300 lb weight capacity

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