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The Original AFO Assist

The Original AFO Assist

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  • Use this set of tools to not only put on an AFO (ankle brace) but also to put the foot in the shoe independently!
  • The Original AFO Assist is not only for stroke survivors but also for people with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and other conditions that cause neurological impairments. 
  • The Original AFO Assist is designed to support both pediatric and adult sized AFOs.
  • The user can put on their AFO while sitting up in a chair or while lying in bed.

Why we know this works!

We love the newly redesigned Original AFO Assist because it was designed by an occupational therapist who spent years working with stroke survivors who were so close to being fully independent with getting themselves ready for the day but just couldn't get their brace and shoe on one handed!

From her passion to solve the problem she developed the Original AFO Assist, a dressing aid that makes it possible to put on an ankle foot orthosis (AFO; ankle/foot brace that is worn to prevent foot drop) and shoe with one hand!

Stroke survivors as well as patients who present with impaired motor skills, trunk flexibility concerns, or a variety of other medical conditions often have difficulty holding an AFO in an upright and stable position when attempting to place their foot into the brace. This task is even more challenging if they only have the use of one hand. 

To put on the shoe, the client places the AFO Assist Shoe Platform against a wall, places their shoe on the Platform, inserts the Foot Funnel onto the heel of the shoe, and then slides their foot (with the AFO on) into the shoe. Pull the string to remove the Foot Funnel and their done!


AFO Cradle Max width for toe 4.25", max width for calf 4" Shoe Platform Max width for toe 4"

Comes with a foot funnel for additional help getting foot in shoe

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