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Flip Down Shower Chair

Flip Down Shower Chair

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440# weight limit

Why this works

The flip down shower chair is a great option for those who are sharing a shower with loved ones. The shower chair is mounted to the wall and can easily fold down for use and be folded up when not in use. The flip down shower chair provides a stable and secure seating area for those who need seated rest breaks while bathing due to low endurance. This is a quick and convenient way to have an accessible shower chair without the worry of having a shower chair in the way for other members of the family. The flip down shower chair is a great way to promote safety while conserving energy during bathing. The flip down shower chair can also improve independence and privacy with bathing which can decrease the need for caregiver assistance.


Seat dimensions: 15.75 x 13in (WxD)
Floor to seat height: 16.5in
Max weight supported: 440lbs

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