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Electric "Hoyer" Patient Lift w/Sling

Electric "Hoyer" Patient Lift w/Sling

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This lift can help transfer people from the bed in a chair and also from the floor, even if they’re unable to help themselves. It comes with a sling so everything you need is in one delivery. If the person is able to stand with help or wants to get back to being able to stand, we highly recommend the Sit to Stand Lift so that they can bear weight through their feet in this transferring process and work on getting stronger.

*May be able to get through insurance but requires physician order and documentation that demonstrates that maximum assistance from 2 people is required for safe transfer*

For more details on how to get mobility devices covered by insurance click here to get our resource guide.

Gain more knowledge about how to safely use an electric patient lift for transfers by clicking here to go to this video training login page.

Why we know this works!

This electric patient lift has a battery-powered remote that is used to easily lift and lower loved ones during transfers. Using an electric patient lift is a good way for one helper to safely complete a transfer with a person who cannot lift themselves and would normally need assistance from two people. The electric lift is designed for safe transfers to any room in the home such as from bed to living room, kitchen, or bathroom. If wanting to transfer a loved one from bed to their wheelchair, simply place the hoyer sling under them, connect the sling to the lift, use the remote to lift the person out of the bed, position the lift so the person is above the wheelchair seat, then use the remote to lower the person into their wheelchair. The electric lift is a great option for providing safe and effective transfers and reducing caregiver lifting injuries.


Height of sling hook: 17.8 in min - 67 in max
Base height: 4.5in
Weight of lift: 93lbs
Max weight supported: 450lbs

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