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Fire Avert Automatic Stove Turn Off Device | Gas or Electric

Fire Avert Automatic Stove Turn Off Device | Gas or Electric

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FireAvert's Automatic Stove Shut-off syncs to the sound of the existing smoke alarms, including Nest alarms, and automatically shuts off power to the stove when your smoke alarm activates. Simple and easy installation for the electric model. For the gas model, a professional is recommended for installation.

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Why we know this works!

Using an auto stove shut off is a great way to prevent cooking fires for those who might leave cooking food unattended or forget to shut the stove off.

Fire Avert's auto stove shut off syncs to the sound of your existing smoke alarms and will automatically shut off power or gas to the stove when the smoke alarm activates.

Having an auto shut off is a good way to allow independence with cooking while having peace of mind knowing the stove will turn off automatically if there is a kitchen fire.

Easy installation for the eletric model. Just unplug the the stove, plug Fire Avert in to the wall and plug the stove into the Fire Avert! The gas model can also be installed by a someone handy but does require additional checking procedures to ensure there are not gas leaks. So if you're not comfortable have a pro do it!


Options: 3 prong or 4 prong
*To know if you need a 3 or 4 prong FireAvert simply pull out your oven and look at the color of the power-cord. If it is grey you need a 3 prong, if it is black you need a 4 prong. You can also unplug the oven/stove range and count the number of prongs.

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