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Bio Bidet 1000 Supreme Toilet Seat

Bio Bidet 1000 Supreme Toilet Seat

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Bidet toilet seat provides an adjustable stream of water for personal hygiene for a feminine or posterior wash. Comes with a remote control, heated seat, heated water and dryer. Requires an outlet within 4 feet. With multiple pressure controls and an adjustable nozzle this fits all 2 piece toilets and most 1 piece toilets.

Why this works

The Bio Bidet 1000 Supreme toilet seat is a great option for those who want more features such as warm water, a heated seat, and a warm air dryer. The Bio bidet 1000 supreme toilet seat includes a wireless remote that can be placed near the toiler for convenient use while seated. This remote is great for those who would not be able to use the right hand on a fixed control at the toilet bowl. The bidet is useful for those with limited shoulder range of motion or difficulty with bending or twisting when wiping. Using a bidet is a good way to get cleaned up after using the restroom which can ultimately prevent urinary tract infections and decrease the risk for hospitalization. The bidet is also perfect for those who may not be able to get into the shower easily and is a quick way to clean up without having to use toilet paper or wipes which can be difficult for those with limited upper body range of motion.


Dimensions: 19.4 x 20.6 x 7.28in
Product weight: 17lbs

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