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Bedside Commode | Bedside Toilet

Bedside Commode | Bedside Toilet

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Commode with a removable pail and adjustable height legs which can be used if you cannot get to the bathroom. The frame can also be set over the top of the toilet to make it easier to get up and down from the toilet.

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Why we know this works!

The bedside commode is great for those who have difficulties with walking, getting to the bathroom on time, or standing up from a toilet. The commode is most commonly used at the bedside for quicker access by the user. The commode has armrests on each side that can be used when lowering onto the commode and to push off when standing up from the commode. There is a removable pail that can be taken out for convenient cleaning. The pail can also be removed to place the commode over a toilet seat for someone who is able to walk to the bathroom but may have difficulties getting up from a low toilet seat. Placing the commode will provide comfort, balance, and support for standing up. The bedside commode is perfect as a safety precaution to prevent falls during toileting.


Adjustable leg height: 16-22in
Width between arms: 18in
Max weight supported: 350lbs

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