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Adjustable Closet Extender

Adjustable Closet Extender

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Lowers your clothes hanging height so you can reach. WIDTH ADJUSTABLE: The horizontal bar can expand from 18'' to the max 30'', in 2-inches increments, using a 7 spring system. HANGING HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE in 1-inch increments, no tools required.

Why this works

The adjustable closet extender is great for those who have difficulty reaching clothing from a high closet rod. The closet extender is adjustable by 1-inch increments and requires no tools to do so. Simply place the adjustable closet extender on a closet rod and adjust the height to the preference of your loved one. The adjustable closet extender will allow those with limited mobility, balance issues, or low vision to be independent with grabbing clothing from a closet. This will also eliminate the need for a loved one to ask a caregiver for help with hanging up clean clothes after doing laundry.


Dimensions: 2.5 x 33.86 x 56in
Item weight: 2lbs
Max capacity: 70lbs

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