Video Training: ADLs for the Family Caregiver - Bathing

Video Training: ADLs for the Family Caregiver - Bathing

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This half hour on demand video course teaches you: Shower transfers, common equipment, rules of bathing hygiene and safety, bathing fall prevention, and techniques to promote privacy, dignity, and calm during bathing in the shower. 

Start this course with a $2.99 monthly subscription which gives you access to not only this course, but the whole library of Higher Standards Caregiver Trainings. Because we know if you need to learn this skill there will probably be a few others in there that you need so you are even more capable of caring for your loved one!

Why we know this works

You need credible, succinct and worthwhile education because this is all new! You are providing care to an important person in your life and you want to do it well. So connect with this course, specific to your learning needs and get confident with your new skills!


Duration: 30 mins.

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