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State Assistive Technology Programs

State Assistive Technology Programs

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Every state has at least one assistive technology center that offers a variety of programs for individuals with disabilities or for individuals experiencing age related changes.  Each program plays a role in finding the right match for the individual. Demonstration centers are great locations to see, try and learn about devices.  Agencies and individuals might consider borrowing a device as an option to try out a device.  They often have device reuse programs where you can get refurbished items at a discounted cost. 

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Why we know this works

The state assistive technology programs are a highly under utilized resource that your tax dolars have already paid for! Their goal is to help people regain and maintain thier independence through the use of technology. That could be high tech or low tech tools.

They are staffed with caring, experience professionals who are always looking out for better ways to solve problems. While they do not sell equipment usually they do often have favorable terms for loans to help you get the items you need and can connect you with vendors like us at AskSAMIE, to get the equipment from.

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