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Kizik Hands Free Shoes

Kizik Hands Free Shoes

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No hands. No problem. With Kizik, there's nothing between you and the freedom to step out and get moving.

What makes Kizik shoes really unique is their hands-free design. All their shoes are created with an easy slip-on feature; just tie your laces once to the desired tightness and you're good-to-go forever!

Why we know this works

These shoes are truly hands free! just step in them and go. This is great because there is no need to fumble with a shoe horn or foot funnel. No elastic laces or velcro straps all while looking great and non medical. Plus if you're putting shoes on for someone else it also makes it easier to do. The versatility of the styles of shoes they offer also makes it so you could have a pair for every occassion.


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