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Custom Modular Ramp Referral

Custom Modular Ramp Referral

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A portable ramp made from rust proof aluminum can be ordered from a local dealer in your area or a national chain that will deploy a local dealer.

Why this works

Important to note:

ADA recommends for every 1 inch of rise the ramp should be 1 foot long. So a 14 inch rise from the ground to the doorway would need a 14 foot long ramp. ADA guidelines are not a requirement in private homes so here is a helpful guide to decide how long a ramp to get.

1ft:1 in Ramp length ratio for anyone going up the ramp independently, walking or in a manual wheelchair

1ft:1.5in Ramp length ratio for anyone going up the ramp with some help in a walker, manual or power wheelchair

1ft:2in Ramp length ratio not recommended. Choose this length ONLY if necessary and a very capable helper will be pushing the wheelchair every time.


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