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Alert Sentry Personal Emergency Response System

Alert Sentry Personal Emergency Response System

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This fall alert button is monitored 24/7 with someone to get help either from 911 or by calling a loved one listed. Pay monthly but no contracts! Free shipping with Dealer Coupon Number: 641051187

Why this works

One of the most challenging things about living alone is having help in an emergency. A fall alert button is an excellent way to ensure that if a fall or injury occurs help is just a push of a button away. Choose the right system for your needs based on the features including: land line based versus cellular phone, with or without fall detection, for use at home only or anywhere in the community, wear it as a necklace or a wristband, with ability to locate loved one or without. Monthly fees decrease when you pay quarterly but no annual contracts required. So you can cancel anytime.


3 options: traditional home-based system, iSafe, iSafe Plus

Traditional Home Based Land Line- $24.95/month +$10 fall det
Traditional Home Based Cellular - $34.95/month +$10 fall det
iSAFE: For Home or Away - $34.95

iSAFE Plus: For Home or Away w/tracking & fall detect - $44.95

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