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In Home Assessment | Dr. Brandy Archie

In Home Assessment | Dr. Brandy Archie

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If you need some personalized help, and you are in the Kansas City Metro area  schedule a 45-minute in-home assessment with me! I specialize in helping families figure out what equipment, health services and resources are needed to make living easier for older adults and family caregivers. 

While expert recommendations are good, the key thing is that I'll give you solutions right away. Whether it's what equipment to order, services to connect with or resources to access, together we'll find solutions so that this whole process is easier.

I'm able to work with you in person if you are within a 15 mile radius of The Plaza on both the MO and KS sides of the state line. If you live outside of that zone I can provide the same level of service in a virtual visit. Just Click here for that option!

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That's what we're here for! Founded by Dr. Brandy Archie, occupational therapist we've curated this catalogue of products to things we've used with patients and work!

But everyone and every home is different so we've got tools to help you figure it out specifically for your loved ones needs. Get started so you can stop worrying!

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