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We love supporting student's learning about home modifications and adaptive equipment! So we've pulled together some of our favorite resources in one place. We also accept OT capstone students so let us know if you've got a project!

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On Demand Assessment

Learn clinical reasoning by following the questions in our On Demand Assessment to find appropriate adaptive equipment organized by problem type. Use a case study below to help think through a real life scenario that you can use the assessment to plan for!

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Patient Resource Downloads

Be a shining star at your clinical rotation by having patient handouts for tricky situations ready to go!

These are great to email to families but also are a good tutorial for you about topics like how to get a mobility device through insurance and communication strategies for working with a person with dementa!

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Paying for equipment

When it comes to acquiring adaptive equipment, a primary challenge is often cost. Adding something new to a fixed budget is challenging and unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover most adaptive equipment. There are a few creative ways to pay for equipment. In this article we will talk about HSA/FSA cards, Care Credit and community programs.

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Sample Case Studies

Mrs. Smith

80year old woman in her home for the past 30 years. She is newly widowed and also just had a total knee replacement and she is post op day 2. She also has glaucoma, arthritis and was using a cane prior to surgery.

Now she is using a front wheeled walker. Her pain is 6/10 at rest. It’s
April and she is itching to get into the garden. She lives in a split level house and is worried about getting to her follow up appointment.

She has a guest bathroom off the hallway with a tub/shower and standard height toilet. That was always her husband's bathroom. Her master bathroom is very small with a 5’x5’ walk in shower and a standard height toilet.

Her bed is high and she used a step stool to climb in before surgery. She watches TV in her favorite spot on the right side of the couch. She loves her rugs and has collected many trinkets, vases and art in her travels over the years. She used
to cook a lot but now she’s not motivated to with an empty house.  

You are the home health OT
and you are greeted by her small dog as she yells for you to let yourself in
for your visit.

Use the On Demand Assessment to figure out what might be helpful for her to be as independent and safe as possible.

Mr. Jones

78 year old man with dementia who recently fell in the bathroom after a shower. His wife found him and called 911. He fractured his hip and it was treated conservatively. He is ready to discharge home from the skilled nursing facility but his wife is worried about how to prevent another fall since he is not learning new skills well anymore.

He is walking without an adaptive device at home and uses a single point cane when out of the house. He has a much harder time in the evenings and is more confused. He's also having more increased frequency of urination at night. She worries about him getting up at night to use the restroom and having another fall too.

They live in a ranch style home with 1 step to enter. He has always used the hall bathroom that has a walk in shower and standard toilet.

Use the On Demand Assessment to figure out what might be helpful for him to be as independent and safe as possible but also for his wife to have an easier time as his care partner.

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The OT Potential Club offers a great way to share your capstone project with the world! This not only is great for achieving the requirement of making it public but it also allows others to browse and get ideas on how to build on your project either in their practice or for their own capstone.

Viewing other's capstone projects is free and easy to do. Just click below! Posting your own requires a membership with OT Potential which has a really affordable student rate plus a ton of other perks for being a member!

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