AskSAMIE Community Project

Grant funding for adaptive equipment based home modifications

Grant Funding

Getting adaptive equipment to modify your home is often recommended after a hospital stay. But paying for it unexpectedly is sometimes not feasible.

If this is your situation and you are willing to let us follow up with you a few months after set up then apply to be apart of the AskSAMIE Community Project.

Apply Now

How it Works

1. Apply right here!
2. Get decision within 24 hours 😀
3. Complete the pre-survey and use our On Demand Assessment to identify what you need (up to $1350 💰)!
4. Schedule a Virtual Visit with our occupational therapist.
5. Have a helper with you and connect for the Virtual Visit from your phone or tablet.📲
5. Items are shipped directly to you.
6. Installation 🛠️ is scheduled and completed as needed.

We'll also follow up with you directly after installation and at 3 and 6 months after to see how you are and connect you with more resources if needed!

Why is this so important?

The Community Project is plays a crucial role in supporting our senior community members to live safely and comfortably in their own homes. As our bodies change, a significant number of older adults end up living in homes not designed to accommodate the new ways their bodies and minds function. This initiative aims to bridge the gap by offering adaptive modifications and equipment. Research has shown that these changes can dramatically reduce the risk of falls, enhance mobility within the home, and ultimately support a higher quality of life.

By focusing on practical, cost-effective solutions, the program not only ensures that older adults can navigate their daily lives with greater ease and security but also addresses a fundamental desire among many to age gracefully in the familiar comfort of their own homes.