The Best Adaptive Equipment For Stroke Patients At Home

The Best Adaptive Equipment For Stroke Patients At Home

Having a stroke is a life-altering event, affecting a person's ability to perform everyday tasks. However, the right adaptive equipment helps stroke survivors can regain their independence and confidence which is so important. In this blog post, we'll explore a collection of products and resources specifically designed to assist stroke survivors live their best lives, including vision, dressing, mobility, and toileting.

Vision Products for Stroke Patients

After a stroke, some individuals may experience vision impairments including visual field cuts where parts of one area are not seen, limits in perception where one side of what you should perceived is ignored or even persistent double vision. Our range of adaptive equipment includes tools like a magnifying line guide to help with reading and staying on the line, magnifying glasses made specifically for seeing the TV better and specially designed reading lamps adding more light to compensate for some visual changes. Additionally, we love the State Audiobook program which is free and allows people the ability to return to reading even if their vision doesn't allow. These solutions are meaningful for helping stroke survivors accommodate for visual challenges and continue to do what they love!

Occupational Therapy Equipment for Stroke Patients

Getting dressed while dealing with weakness on one side or challenges with balance or difficulty with using both hand is a daunting task. And this is what one goes through daily after stroke. Our collection offers a variety of adaptive clothing and dressing options, like the AFO Assistshoe buttons, and pants specially designed for wheelchair users. These innovative solutions make dressing easier and more manageable, so that stroke survivors can maintain their personal style and independence.

Assistive Devices for Stroke Patients

Regaining mobility is a crucial aspect of stroke recovery. Our adaptive equipment for mobility includes walking aids, such as hemi canes and platform walkers. Additionally, we offer specialized handrails and grab bars to enhance safety in the bathroom and other areas of the home. With these products, stroke survivors can confidently navigate their surroundings and regain their freedom. Plus our definition of mobility doesn't just include ability to walk but also the ability to use your hands to help with positioning your body. Squegg is an excellent solution for a motivating way to get in the increased repetitions needed to get the best neuro motor recovery after a stroke.

Adaptive Equipment for Stroke Patients

Managing toileting needs can be challenging for stroke survivors with limited mobility. Our collection features raised toilet seats, toilet rails, commodes with adjustable heights, and grab bars for added stability. We also carry items to manage incontinence like bed pads and washable underwear for men and women. These adaptive products provide comfort, safety, and independence in the bathroom, allowing stroke survivors to maintain their dignity and privacy.

We have been serving clients in their homes for many years and we understand the unique challenges faced by stroke survivors. Our collection of adaptive equipment and resources aims to empower individuals on their journey towards recovery,  providing innovative solutions for vision, dressing, mobility, and toileting, We strive to enhance the quality of life for stroke survivors and be apart of the support team in the fight to regain independence and confidence.

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Brandy Archie, OTD, OTR/L, CLIPP

Dr. Archie received her doctorate in occupational therapy from Creighton University. She is a certified Living in Place Professional with past certifications in low vision therapy, brain injury and driving rehabilitation.  Dr. Archie has over 15 years of experience in home health and elder focused practice settings which led her to start AskSAMIE, a curated marketplace to make aging in place possible for anyone, anywhere! Answer some questions about the problems the person is having and then a personalized cart of adaptive equipment and resources is provided.

She's a wife, mother of 3 and a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan! Connect with her on Linked In or by email anytime.

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