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Weighted Silverware Set

Weighted Silverware Set

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Sleek weighted handle to decrease effects of tremors when eating but also visually appealing. 4 piece set includes fork, ,knife, soup & table spoon. Dishwasher safe. 4x heavier than traditional silverware.

Why this works

The weighted silverware set is a great option for those who want the look of regular silverware but need the weight for stabilizing moderate tremors. That makes it great for someone with Parkinson’s or essential tremors. The weighted utensils will make mealtime easier by making the movement from plate to mouth more smooth for less spills. The weighted utensils can fit in a purse or small bag and comes with a carrying pouch for taking on the go to use at your favorite restaurant or any social outing. And the beautiful looks ensures that the user can feel comfortable using them without feeling self conscious.


Stainless steel
Knife: 7.61oz
Fork: 7.26oz
Tablespoon: 7.97oz
Soup spoon: 7.97oz
Dishwasher safe

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