Weekly AM/PM Push Button Pill Planner

Weekly AM/PM Push Button Pill Planner

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This easy to open pill box uses a push button to open the very small containers instead of trying to pull on an even smaller tab! Great for those with arthritis or poor fine motor control.

Why this works

The weekly AM/PM push button pill planner is a great way to organize medications for the week in a clearly labeled container. The pill planner is perfect for those who take prescriptions in the AM and PM. The push buttons make the pill organizer much easier to open than the traditional flip tops of organizers which is great for those who have arthritis or weak hands. Using a weekly pill planner is a great way to track whether medications are being taken but still allows for a person to manage their own medications if able.


Product dimensions: 8.75 x 4.5 x 1in (LxWxH)

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