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Transfer and Pivot Disc

Transfer and Pivot Disc

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Helps caregivers safely do a stand and pivot transfer with someone who has trouble moving their feet.

Why this works

The transfer/pivot disc is a great tool to use for stand pivot transfers. This is the perfect solution for someone who is able to stand with the help of a caregiver but is not able to take steps during a transfer. The transfer/pivot disc can be used for transfers such as wheelchair to bed, bed to commode, or wheelchair to the bathtub. The transfer/pivot disc is easy to use, simply place the person’s feet on the disc before standing and once up, the disc allows for a smooth turn and transfer that will reduce strain on both the person and the caregiver. The transfer/pivot disc is lightweight and can be used in any room in the house or can be taken for use outside of the home.


Options: 12in or 15in
Max weight supported: 330lbs

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