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Sit to Stand Lift

Sit to Stand Lift

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This electric lift allows the patient to stand safely and be moved by one person. Even if not able to help with standing this lift makes it easy to get someone to the toilet or wheelchair and help with getting stronger.

Why we know this works!

The sit to stand lift is perfect for those who cannot get themselves into standing, but can tolerate bearing partial weight while being transferred.

The sit to stand lift is designed for safe transfers from any room in the home such as from bed to the bathroom, living room, or kitchen.

If wanting to transfer a loved one from their wheelchair to bed, simply place the sling around their back, position the lift in front of the person making sure that their feet are on the footplate and their knees are against the knee pad, connect the sling to the lift, and use the remote to safety stand the person up before transferring to desired room.

The sit to stand lift is great for safety and stability for both the user and the caregiver and can decrease the risk of falls and caregiver lift injuries.

Note: May be able to go through insurance with a physician's order and documentation that says patient requires max assist x 2 to safely transfer. While we are unable to bill insurance we do have a free download that talks you through how to get mobility devices covered here:


Product weight: 120lbs
Base length: 40in
Base width closed: 26in
Base width opened: 38in
Weight capacity: 400lbs
Base clearance required: 4.5"
Comes with a sling

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