Shock Aid Combination Tool

Shock Aid Combination Tool

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This combination tool serves as a long-handled shoe horn, dressing stick & long-handled sponge. Solves 3 problems with one device!

Why this works

The heavy duty 32” multi-use dressing tool provides 32” of reach to help those with bending or reaching difficulties be independent with lower body dressing/undressing and bathing. The dressing tool comes with two attachable bathing sponges that can be placed on the shoe horn end to help get cleaned up during bathing. The tool has a long handled shoe horn that can be used to help put on and take off shoes without having to bend over to reach the shoe. The protective covered claw can be used to push down or pull up clothing such as socks, pants, or underwear/briefs. The large foam grips are perfect for providing an improved grasp for those with weak grip or arthritis. The multi-use dressing tool is great for at home use for independence with bath and dressing/undressing and will eliminate the need for caregiver help with dressing or bathing.


Length: 32in
Weight: 10oz
Materials: anodized aluminum, stainless steel horn, rubber coated metal
Color options: black, blue, gold, green, red, silver

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