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Lamp Switch Turner (3 pack)

Lamp Switch Turner (3 pack)

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Unique propeller shape provides extra leverage needed to make turning a lamp on and/or off easy for those with dexterity issues such as reduced strength, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tremors, as well as anyone with healthy hands that just want to make life a little easier.

Why this works

The lamp switch turner is a great solution for those who have weak hands due to arthritis, carpal tunnel, or hand tremors. The lamp switch turner has an ergonomic design that provides extra leverage so turning on a lamp can be done without much effort. The lamp switch turner is easy to install and can replace the standard switch knob on most lamp switches. Switching to using a lamp switch turner will allow those with weak hands to be independent with turning on/off a lamp in the living room or bedroom.


Dimensions: 2.5 x 0.5 x 1in
Item weight: 1.44oz
Includes 3 knobs

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