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Elastic Shoelace Bands

Elastic Shoelace Bands

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For those with trouble reaching feet to tie shoes. Can replace traditional shoe laces with these bands which stretch as your foot goes in.

Why this works

Using elastic shoelace bands is a great solution for those who have difficulties with reaching their feet to tie their shoes. The elastic shoelace bands can replace regular shoelaces without looking different and are easy to setup. Simply put lacetip into the eyelet, pull the lacetip from the other side, repeat for the opposite side, make lace even, and repeat until all eyelets have a lace. Once bands are on, shoes can be slipped on and off without having to worry about tying shoes again. These bands will allow independence with putting on and taking off shoes for those with limited lower body mobility, arthritis, or weak hands and will eliminate the need for caregiver help with putting on shoes. The elastic shoelace bands can be placed on any shoe that has a lace such as tennis shoes, dress shoes, and lace up boots.


20 pieces
Material: stretchable silicone
Color options: black, white, grey, brown

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