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Consult a Neurologist

Consult a Neurologist

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If you are noticing a change in memory or problem solving that is persistent it's important to consult with a neurologist for testing to see if a reason can be pinpointed.

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Why this works

Having a neurology consult is an important step to define the diagnosis and begin a course of treatment. It is important to understand the type of condition so that you can start on the right path to manage it properly. The neurologist will take the medical history, conduct physical and neurological examinations, review laboratory tests, do imaging studies if necessary, and order additional tests as indicated. Together, these steps can help to identify the underlying cause of these symptoms. After a complete evaluation, treatment recommendations can then be made. Treatment often involves medications or therapies that may provide symptom relief and improve quality of life.

It is important to follow-up with the neurologist regularly so that progress can be monitored and treatments adjusted accordingly.

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