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Bolted Toilet Seat Riser-Elongated

Bolted Toilet Seat Riser-Elongated

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This raised toilet seat bolts to the toilet for a secure fit. Adds 3.5” to seat height to improve ease of getting up.  This fits elongated toilets where the length of the toilet is about 18".

Why this works

The bolted toilet seat riser adds 3.5 inches to the toilet seat which is perfect for those who have difficulties sitting down or standing up from a low toilet. The added 3.5 inches makes it much easier to stand up from a toilet and sit down without the worry of the toilet being too low.

This riser is hinged which allows for easier cleaning and care. Choose the shape that matches your current toilet seat. Elongated has an oval shape and a bigger opening while the round has a circular shape that is more traditional with older toilets

A bolted toilet seat is perfect for promoting independence with getting on/off the toilet and will decrease the need for caregiver assistance.


Adds 3.5inches to toilet seat
Max weight supported: 300lbs

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