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Black Anti Slip Stair Tread

Black Anti Slip Stair Tread

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4" x 30' roll of anti slip tape to add contrast and reduce risk of falling because of missing a step.

Why this works

The black anti-slip stair tread is a great solution for preventing slips and falls. The stair tread adds traction for greater stability while going up or down wood, concrete, or metal stairs that may be slippery.

The black strip also provides a high contrast so those with low vision can more clearly see each step when going up or down stairs or steps to a doorway.

The stair tread is easy to install and can be cut to desired size to use on wood, marble, tile, metal, or concrete.
The black anti-slip stair tread is waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors in areas such as the deck, patio, entryway, and walkways.

Using black anti-slip stair tread is a good safety measure to prevent falls and injuries in the home.


Length: 30ft
Width: 4in
Color: black

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