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Adjustable Bed Frame with Rails (Twin)

Adjustable Bed Frame with Rails (Twin)

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Twin bed adjustable frame with wireless remote for head and feet adjustments. Has a USB port on the frame for easy charging. Ships directly to you and requires some assembly.

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Why we know this works!

The adjustable bed frame is a great solution for anyone who needs the head of the bed or feet elevated. Having the head of the bed elevated is ideal for improved breathing and blood circulation which can improve quality of sleep at night.

Having the foot of the bed elevated is ideal for decreased edema in the lower extremities, improved circulation, and pressure relief.

The adjustable bed frame is also perfect for eating meals in bed, watching TV, or reading when getting out of bed is challenging.


Dimensions: 76 x 39in
Max head of bed elevation: 80 degrees
Max foot of bed elevation: 55 degrees
Material: steel
Max weight supported: 350lbs
Includes wireless remote control

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