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Stay n Eat Plate | Non slip, suction, scoop plate for easier eating

Stay n Eat Plate | Non slip, suction, scoop plate for easier eating

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This divided, suction non-slip plate for adults is amazing for keeping the plate still to compensate for tremors or limited coordination while giving you plenty of flexibility in how to use it.

  • Reversible & Stylish – Non-Skid vertical rim on both sides of the plate resists flips, tips and slips. The rim also acts like a spill guard for less mess. 
  • Divided suction plate – 3 compartments are easily accessible. Suction is optional and super strong without flimsy suction cups! Without a suction tab to grab, it stays secure on the table.  
  • Slope n scoop dish – Flip it over and use the side scoop wall if getting food onto the spoon is a problem. This is great if someone can only use one hand. 

Why we know this works!

The Stay n' Eat Plate boasts a reversible design with distinct features on each side, addressing various challenges that one might face during meals. "Side 1" features a divided suction plate with three compartments. This design is especially beneficial for individuals with cognitive challenges or fine motor skill difficulties, as it aids in food organization and portion control. The strong suction base is particularly helpful for those with limited hand strength or coordination, as it remains securely in place, preventing the plate from sliding or tipping.

Flipping over to "Side 2," we find the Slope n Scoop Dish. This side is ingeniously crafted with a sloped wall, facilitating the scooping of food onto utensils. It's ideal for one-handed diners or those with limited dexterity, as it reduces the need for precise hand movements. The high, dry side of the plate is perfect for managing different food textures, addressing the needs of individuals who have sensory sensitivities or who require their food to be separated to ensure adequate nutrition.

The red colored plate is a great help for those with dementia that get distracted easily and don't eat quite enough. High contrast dishes have been shown to help those with dementia eat 24% more and drink 84% more because the color grabs their attention. For all these reasons we love the Stay n Eat plate!


Diameter: 7.5"
Material: TRITAN plastic (free of BPA, BPS, PVC- Lead and Phthalate)

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