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Zero Gravity Lift Chair & Bed

Zero Gravity Lift Chair & Bed

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This is an excellent solution for people who need to sleep in a recliner. It lays out fully to a bed and lifts up to a chair position for easy transfers. With a seat height of 25" its easy to access in chair mode. Has a battery back up in case of power failure.

Why this works

The Zero Gravity lift chair is great for those who need assistance when going from sitting to standing. The lift chair moves upward while slightly tilting forward to make it easier to stand up from the chair.

This Zero Gravity lift chair can also lay flat making it a perfect bed to sleep on for someone who typically sleeps in their recliner because they can sleep with head elevated but can also lay out flat for improving hip range of motion or to make it easy to change a brief or put on pants.

This is a great option for increased independence with standing from a seated position and will decrease the need for caregiver assistance with standing from the chair.

During the first year of ownership, Twillery Co will provide in home service. Ships direct from the manufacturer.


Supports up to 450lbs
Mattress thickness: 6in
Size: twin bed
Material: 100% polyester
Motor Type: single motor
Warranty: 10 year manufacturer

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