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Silvertree Fall Alert Device

Silvertree Fall Alert Device

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Silvertree provides safety and peace of mind with the most stylish, accessible and feature-rich wearable in the market. Designed as a wrist-worn safety device, the Silvertree Reach lets you stay connected so you can live life on your terms. Every Silvertree Reach comes fully equipped with 24/7 monitoring, automatic fall detection, and nationwide LTE service, so you can stay connected at home or on the go.

Included with your Silvertree subscription, the Silvertree mobile app allows you to customize your experience - switch features ON/OFF and maintain important medical information all in one place! In times of an emergency, the Silvertree mobile app also provides real-time alerts to your loved ones, so they can quickly help before emergency services are notified.

Explore the advance features of the Silvertree Reach:

  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • 24/7 Emergency Call Center
  • Up to 10 days of battery life
  • Location Sharing
  • Waterproof (IP57 rating)

Why we know this works

We love this device because it's sleek, easy to use and affordable! One of the worst things about fall alert buttons or devices is that they don't look great and mostly hang around your neck. And if it doesn't look or feel good then its hanging on a lamp not helping anyone who's had a fall.

So it's actually pretty important that it look and feel great so the person doesn't mind wearing it. This is best for someone who already has a smart phone as this is a requirement for it to function. But it is seriously easy to setup as the wearer and as the care partner.

It also provides the care partner varying levels of information based on preferences which is a nice customization. And from a user perspective you really can't mess it up because it has just one button so were not getting more functions than need like you might with an Apple Watch.


Device Specs:
Waterproof rating: IP57 (Shower-proof)
Battery Life: Up to 10 days
Device Length: 250mm
Device Width: 40mm (smaller than the competitor wearable)
Device Height: 10mm
Device weight: 40 grams
No two-way microphone

iOS 13 & up
Android 6 & up
WiFi 802.11b
BLE 802.15

Companion Mobile App:
Included with your Silvertree subscription!


Soft silicone strap
Stainless Steel hardware
Engineered plastic housing

Charging dock
Power supply
USB-C power cable
User manual

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