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A wellness tracking technology that works with smart sensors and at-home data for people living alone. LARRY sounds alarms during emergency situations without the need to wear any device, even if the user becomes unconscious. LARRY learns routines and notifies you if a routine change means something important like a health problem.

Why this works

Larry is a motion detection system that is great for keeping an eye on a loved one who lives alone while maintaining their privacy. The smartphone app provides alerts of emergency situations and updates on daily routines by showing daily activity such as where they are now, last status change, and what room they are currently in. The motion sensors are not equipped with cameras or microphones which ensures privacy of a loved one. Larry has fall detection and immobility detection which will send an alarm notifying that there is an emergency. This is a great way to ensure safety of a loved one at home while keeping an eye on them from outside the home.


4 motion sensors
1 motion and humidity sensor
1 door sensor
1 chair pressure sensor
1 bed pressure sensor with heart rate monitor
1 hub
1 emergency alert button
AA batteries included
Mounting tape included

*$10/month subscription fee for monitoring
**additional sensors can be purchased for $35-$45

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