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Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood Glucose Monitor

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This blood glucose monitor is compact and affordable making it an effective way to keep track of blood sugar to ensure best health outcomes. Simple buttons make it easy to learn and price point allow access to those who may not have insurance coverage.

Why we know this works!

Using a blood glucose monitor is a great way for those with diabetes to self monitor blood sugar levels at home. This monitor is able to log up to 500 blood sugar readings and requires a very small amount of blood to get an accurate reading. The glucose monitor is small in size and comes with a carrying case for use outside of the home. If a glucometer is needed right away and there is not time or coordination available to go through insurance then paying out of pocket for one is a great option.


In the box:
1x Blood Glucose Meter
1x Lancing Device
25x Test Strips
25x Lancets
1x Carry Case
2x AAA Alkaline Batteries

Measuring Method: Amperometric technology using glucose oxidase

Result Range: 20mg/dL~600mg/dL

Memory: 500 blood glucose tests

Display: LCD display with backlight

Power Source: DC 3V(AAA x2 alkaline batteries)

Battery Life: Approx. 500 normal tests

Storage Condition: Blood glucose monitoring system (meter and test strips) 39.2 °F ~104 °F, Humidity <80%RH

Storage Condition (meter): -4 °F ~131 °F, Humidity <93%RH

Operating Conditions: 50 °F ~104 °F, Humidity <80%RH

Blood Source: Fresh capillary whole blood

Blood Volume: Minimum .7 microliter

Use Life: Five years

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