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36" Wooden Transfer Board

36" Wooden Transfer Board

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Helps transfer patients from wheelchair, bed, chair or commode. Single hand-hold cut-out. Sealed and coated for protection and friction-free transfer. Constructed of solid 3/4” maple plywood.

Why this works

Using a 36” transfer board is a perfect solution for transferring when standing is not a possibility. The transfer board bridges the gap between surfaces and allows movement in small increments rather than one big movement.

The 36” wooden transfer board features two cut outs for better handling when transferring to either side.

This length of transfer board is best for transfers in and out of the car but is also useful for transfers in and out of the bed, wheelchair or commode.

This is an effective mobility aid for safe and independent transfers and can decrease the need for caregiver help with transferring from one seated surface to another.


Length: 36in
Width: 8in
Height: 3/4in
Max weight supported: 440lbs

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