Who We Are

Our Story

AskSAMIE began as AccessAble Living, a service-based company in the Kansas City area. Dr. Brandy Archie, our founder, wanted to assist the families she encountered while working as an occupational therapist. Dr. Brandy discovered, throughout her work, that there was a significant need to assist those who were temporarily or permanently incapacitated or disabled. She wanted to make sure families got the help they needed to modify a home affordably and as quickly as possible. This demand inspired the conception of AskSAMIE.

AccessAble Living developed a comprehensive solution by sending occupational therapists to customers' homes to conduct free home evaluations. AccessAble Living supplied a variety of equipment solutions including:

  • Shower chairs
  • Magnifiers
  • Ramps

The company gave outstanding service. AccessAble Living, however, only serviced those within driving distance. The service was only for a small fraction of the population that genuinely needed this service. Enter AskSAMIE.

AskSAMIE was created to provide this service to anyone, anywhere who needs it. AskSAMIE is where we are Solving Accessibility with Mobile Innovative Solutions! Now, the professional expertise of an occupational therapist is available to anybody, everywhere, and at any time just by taking our Accessibility Quiz! AskSAMIE is a stress-relieving and time-saving resource for family caregivers and professionals alike.

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